About Us...
Singing and dancing performance lessons in Hong Kong

The Island Glee Club is a singing performance club for aspiring young singers, providing an exciting opportunity to collaborate with experienced, professional singers and performers. Our teachers have solid classical and contemporary training to nuture, support and develop young voices. 

The Island Glee Club runs after-school and weekend sessions in Hong Kong culminating in audio or live productions where participants gain exposure and the experience of performing and showcasing their songs. There will also be opportunities to perform publicly across Hong Kong. 


We offer Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior classes. The Mini sessions are 45 minutes, Junior sessions are 1 hour/1.5hours and Intermediate and Senior1/ 1.5 or 2 hours.


Progressively the following topics will be covered. 

  • Rhythm/timing

  • Breathing techniques/posture

  • Pitch/Vocal placement

  • Harmonies

  • Dance/Movement

  • Improvisation

  • Choreography

  • Ensemble skills

  • Performance fundamentals

  • Microphone Technique

  • Theatre/stage terminology

  • Performing for Camera


The Island Glee Club teaches more than just singing and dancing: we teach life skills that build confidence and unearth talent through the creative process. Children are drawn to the sound of music. Singing is a beautiful way to express creativity and deepen music appreciation. It is also an effective tool to use for enhancing children’s thinking & writing, musicality, concentration, collaborating, communication & listening skills.


The Island Glee Club meets the needs of many different types of children. For children who are born performers, creative and imaginative, we provide an opportunity for them to flourish and develop their talents. For children who are shy, we provide an opportunity to build their confidence through positive reinforcement. For children who need motivation to pursue their talents, The Island Glee Club is an opportunity to be inspired, focused, empowered and to find their voice.


Performance experience is an integral part of the learning process. Junior, Intermediate and Senior students will have the opportunity to either perform or record their material at various times throughout the year. We also hold an annual 'Open Mic Showcase' in a professional theatre, for the entire school. Each class will also have an open day for parents at the close of each term.


Absolutely NO experience necessary - the fun is in the learning and creativity.